The great city of Miami has a rich, vibrant presence that is only augmented by its unique history and wonderful people. Data Recovery Miami is proud to serve the residents and business owners of the Miami-Dade County area by providing the best in the recovery services when your computer, laptop, or mobile device breaks down.

Being part of the rich Miami scene starts with the remarkable history of the area, it’s fast growth over the past century, and how it continues to be one of the most desired cities to live in today.


For thousands of years, the area that is now Miami was home to Native American tribes. In 1566, Pedro Menendez de Aviles came from Spain and claimed the area for his country. By 1821, Spain had relinquished control to the United States. Fort Dallas was built in 1836 which helped to establish the area, but it was Julia Tuttle who actually conceived of a city being built in the region, the only major city in the US that was thought up by a woman.

In 1896, the city of Miami was officially incorporated with its small population of around 300. Named for the nearby Miami River, the city grew slowly until the land boom of the 1920s when it exploded. However, the combination of the land boom settling, a massive hurricane that hit the shores in 1926, and the following Great Depression put a damper on new settlement until after World War II.

Miami Today

Miami has an official population of just over 6 million, making it the seventh-largest in the US. The city has become a leader in the financial, entertainment, and cultural world thanks to its location, diverse mixture of people, and friendly business laws with low taxes that creates more employment for those who live in and around the city.

Miami is also one of the best in terms of nightlife, sporting world-class restaurants, nightclubs, and a myriad of activities for those who live here to do. Despite Miami’s reputation as being one of the entertainment capitals of the world, it is also one of the cleanest cities in the US, being ranked number one by Forbes Magazine in 2008.

Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America”, Miami is home to a rich, diverse population that offers plenty of cultural experiences for everyone to engage. With more older people moving to the region, it has also become a center for healthcare and offers many hospitals, medical centers, research institutions, and even biotechnology facilities, making the city one of the most advanced and diverse in the United States.

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