Highland Park

Highland Park

Experiencing data loss in any city is a difficult challenge requiring immediate attention, which is why Data Recovery 47 is proud to announce that we are now servicing Highland Park, Florida.

Highland Park, Florida is a village in Polk County, located in the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area and has a population of approximately 230, at the last tally. A small city, Highland Park has a total area of less than one square mile, topping out at 0.7 square miles. Of this area, nearly half is water.

Highland Park is located directly off of the Scenic Highway and is right in the heart of central Florida, offering access to the coasts on either side, all of which are within easy driving distance. Right in the middle of Polk County, this city boasts of a vibrant history which the county is proud to call their own. The history of aircrafts and flying in the area is celebrated in a stunning art deco facility called the “Fantasy of Flight,” which is home to over 40 historic aircrafts, which have all been restored and returned to flyable condition.

The Bok Tower Gardens offers a sanctuary of a different sort. Full of vibrant wildlife and breathtaking scenery, the Bok Gardens are enjoyed by many visitors every year for their aesthetically pleasing appeal. For families with youngsters, the Cypress Gardens Theme Park is an attraction that is sure to please with rides, games and fun that satisfies the kid in everyone.

Seventeen municipalities fill Polk County, along with 24 unincorporated, yet populated, areas. Perhaps the most unique of all of these locations is the nearby city of Brewster, commonly referred to as the “Ghost Town of Polk County.” While Brewster is indeed, a ghost town, what makes it stand apart from a different abandoned city is that Brewster is purposefully empty and has been restored to life as a visitor’s ghost town, where tourists can come learn the history of the area and enjoy a walkthrough of a true-to-life abandoned village.

Many lakes and wildlife attractions also fill this magnificent county.

While the attractions may draw people in, when data is lost, all activity stops until it has been restored to proper functionality. Whether you live in or are visiting Highland Park, Florida, call our Data Recovery 47 office today to have your data recovered in no time flat.