How Encryption Can Make Data Recovery Close To Impossible.

How Encryption Can Make Data Recovery Close To Impossible.

How Encryption Can Make Data Recovery Close To Impossible.

One of the sensible ways you can protecting private data is by the use of encryption. In addition to the protection of your data, encryption also provides impressive performance benefits. The protection of data using encryption has grown in popularity. However, this makes it hard to do data recovery in case of an emergency. This emergency can be the corruption of your hard drive or when your PC falls. In a situation whereby your hard drive is corrupt, what you need to do first is to recover your files through data recovery. But, how does encryption makes data recovery difficult? What is the effect of encryption on data recovery?

Effect of Encryption on Your Files

Encryption is the process by which your data are disguised and transformed in a way that it can only be read or accessed by those with the right password or code. Theoretically, this seems like a good idea, but practically, it is not good. This is because encryption alters the data and not only hide it. When you need the data encrypted, and you will like to perform data recovery on the affected USB, hard drive, or any other device, you will need the password. This means that after recovering the files, you will need the code or password you used for the encryption to read the files. In other words, you may not be able to have access to the files without the key file or the password.

Self-Encrypting Devices

There are some solid state drives (SSD) and hard drives that are self-encrypting devices (SED). This means that they have a self-encrypting controller chip that encrypts and decrypts all the data in the device automatically. The problem of these self-encrypting devices is that they do not come with decryption methods and this means that you may not have access to the data when the drive is corrupt or damaged.

However, in a situation whereby you must save and protect sensitive financial data or other important information about your company, you may think about encryption. If that is the case, then you will have to:

Perform data backup regularly

Do not use a SED but use an encryption software

Use a perfect password and save the key file in a secure location

Record all usernames and passwords in a logbook and keep in a secure location

Make sure you follow these precautions well to avoid losing your data

Above all, no matter how strong the encryption is, there is always a way out. Nothing is impossible. Even if you are dealing with encrypted data, there is a way to perform data recovery, and you will have access to your files without the password. Many software can be used to achieve the data recovery process; some of these include Safeboot, SafeGuard, EFS, BitLocker, PPG, SecureDoc, and other software encryption programs. We know what to do and how to do it to make sure you get all your files back. Contact us for your data recovery from an encrypted device.

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