Dropped Hard Drive Recovery Services, Data Recovery.

Dropped Hard Drive Recovery Services, Data Recovery.

Dropped Hard Drive Recovery Services, Data Recovery.

It’s never a good idea to drop anything, but an external hard drive is particularly vulnerable to impacts caused when dropped to a hard floor or surface. While it is true that external hard drives are tougher and more durable than in the past, they can still be damaged which may require data recovery to retrieve the information. 

In addition to impacts, there is also damage from water, accidental reformatting, and electrical surges that may prevent you from accessing the information inside. Understanding what caused the issue which prevents you from getting at your data is the first step towards recovering the information. Here are a few things to consider when looking at restoring the information trapped on your external hard drive. 

Don’t Tinker Around

In other words, do-it-yourself methods often cause more harm than good even if you know the cause of the drive being inaccessible. Tinkering around when you do not know what you are doing means that it makes it that much harder for a professional data recovery technician to retrieve the trapped filed. Unless you have been trained and have the right tools, it’s best to leave such work to the professionals. 

Avoid Software

While software recovery programs are designed to repair logical issues with the hard drive, they are not designed to work if the drive itself has been physically damaged. This is not only hard drives that have been dropped, but also damaged through water immersion or surges in electricity. 

Also consider that if you use recovery software that is not designed to work on your particular hard drive, you may reformat it which makes getting the trapped information back virtually impossible. So, while some free downloadable recovery programs work in certain circumstances, it will not work if there is physical damage to the drive itself caused by impacts, water, or electrical surges. 

Back Up Your Data 

Effective data recovery starts by backing up your information, so that you can still get to it in case your external hard drive is compromised. Depending on the nature of your data, you can back it up with online sources that can be accessed even if you lose your computer. By using more than one backup source and keep them in different locations, you can virtually ensure that your data will not be lost for good. 

Trained Professional  

If you still need to get at the information, taking your external hard drive to a professional data recovery business is recommended. They have the tools, skills, and experience to retrieve the trapped data with a far higher success rate than do-it-yourself methods. While there will be a fee, the success rate of many top professionals is quite high, meaning that your chances of getting back the trapped data is quite good. 

Having the contact information of a reputable data recovery center means that when the worst occurs to your external hard drive, you have a trusted source to get back the information. A little preparation in backing up your data and having a trusted professional data recovery expert brings peace of mind when you drop your hard drive. 

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