Computer Forensic Specialists

Computer Forensic Specialists

Computer Forensic Specialists

Are you looking for professional computer forensic specialists help in the greater Miami area? Included in the branch of digital forensic science, computer forensics is used to handle crime evidence found on computer hard drives, digital storage files, and software. Once this information is properly retrieved, it’s then forensically analyzed for the reporting of facts on the uncovered digital data.

Computer Forensic Specialists South Miami Beach Hialeah Westchester Gladeview computer forensic specialists Computer Forensic Specialists Computer data recovery New York City Hoboken Jersey City Manhattan Bronx 300x175With added guidelines and regulations for a legal data auditing trail creation, the computer forensics process is much like data recovery. If you feel you or your business computer system has been a victim of compromised information, a professional company that’s trusted in computer forensic techniques is the only answer. This is where the computer specialists at Data Recovery 47 can help.

Computer forensics is widely accepted as reliable evidence in many high-profile investigation cases throughout the United States. With the increasing rise in cyber attacks and computer hacking over the years, computer forensics is critical part of a litigation process in prosecuting the criminals who carry out these attacks. This electronic evidence plays a vital role in helping to secure a conviction.


Because the digital evidence obtained must be treated in the proper way so it’s fully admissible in a court of law, it’s critical that you only choose a reputable, experienced and qualified computer forensic expert company. From analyzing data to assisting with expert electronic discovery reports, Data Recovery 47 has the extensive experience and technical expertise to assist clients at every level.

● Cyberstalking
● Terrorist activity
● Email spamming
● Unauthorized access
● Malicious software programs
● Distribution of child pornography

Though mostly used in computer crime cases, computer forensics is also utilized in civil matter investigations. It’s important to remember that evidence can only be captured once, so choosing the right expert examiner is crucial to a successful resolution. Through the use of sophisticated technology, the certified computer forensic specialists at Data Recovery 47 are here for you. Contact us to get started today!