6 Reasons Why Software Ain’t Going To Recover Your Data!

6 Reasons Why Software Ain’t Going To Recover Your Data!

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Losing your data to a computer or device that is not operating is a common occurrence. Such a loss may have different causes, but they are generally either software or hardware related. While many consumer software programs are designed to handle issues such as accidental deletion, they fall well short of adequate when faced with a hardware or physical issue with a computer or device.

That is where the professionals at Data Recovery 47 Miami come to help for data recovery. We offer the right tools, knowledge, and experience to retrieve data even from damaged or compromised computing systems. Our 98% success rate speaks volumes about our ability to handle such matters. 

What follows are six types of physical breakdowns that go beyond what consumer software data recovery programs can handle. 

1.Physical Breakdown

Flaws in the firmware or mechanical issues such as worn parts can lead to a physical breakdown of the computer itself. This prevents proper operation from occurring and you are left with the information trapped inside. 


These are flaws in the firmware or mechanical issues that were not caught when the device was assembled. If your computer is not booting properly or there are times when the hard disk is not being recognized, then you have a defect in the computer itself. Hopefully, you can catch this before putting any information on the device, but if not, then a consumer software program is not going to help. 


Files may be corrupted by viruses or malware. Or, they may be corrupted when you rung programs too close together or shut down the PC in the wrong manner. This type of corruption may shut down the computer altogether and even cause some physical damage depending on what is affected. Standard software data recovery programs will not work in this case as the files themselves need to be addressed. 

4.Human Errors

Everybody makes mistakes and while most errors will not damage your computer or device, there are some that will prevent you from accessing the information. If you do not install the OS correctly. If you make a bad modification to the system registry settings, or if you make a mistake during the setup of your computer, then bad things can happen. 


One of the most common ways for your computer to be physically damaged is by overheating. This happens when the vents are clogged, or the fan is not working properly. In most circumstances, you should notice the overheating quickly either through touching the computer or when hearing clicking noises from the hard drive. 

6.Power Surges

You can mitigate a power surge if you plug your device into an outlet that has power surge protection. If your device does experience a surge in electricity, it can cause physical damage to the components which includes the hard drive. This type of damage can interfere with accessing the information, so if you suspect a power surge, then taking your computer to the professions is the right response. 

If your computer or device has been physically damaged or compromised by a virus or malware, your consumer data recovery software is probably not enough. You will need the professionals at Data Recovery 47 Miami by your side for your data recovery needs. We will identify the issue and do everything possible to get your information back. 

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